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Why Do Business With SmartPhoneMarkets?

We offer complete smartphone applications and website design, development, site hosting, and maintenance services for businesses of all sizes. We approach each project individually, with an emphasis on producing a design that's readable, usable and focused on clearly presenting the customer's business, services, or products to their clientele.

Developing an Internet presence begins with the preparation phase and proceeds through the phases of graphical design, implementation, marketing and site maintenance. Each step must be thoroughly investigated, studied and implemented for optimum results.

Surveys show that a typical user spends approximately five seconds determining whether a website meets his or her needs. That's not much time to make that important first impression.

We're Experts In Mobile Marketing!

Web trends indicate that over one quarter of consumers have already gone online with a web-enabled smartphone. And, according to smartphone sales statistics, mobile browser use is increasing at a phenomenal pace.

Businesses, both those with websites and those without, need a "smartphone presence". Upgrading their existing websites for the iPhone, Droid, Google's Nexus One, Blackberry, and other handhelds is not just desirable, but essential to maintain market share. And you, a smartphone advertising expert, can help those businesses reach the dramatically growing numbers of prospects and customers going online with mobile applications.

Interested in learning more, but unsure whether or not you possess the technical skills to be a "mobile marketer"? Well then, click here to continue your education.

A Case Study

Sometime back, the owners of Key West Finest were referred to us by a long-time customer. The two ladies, mother and daughter, had supported themselves by publishing "rack brochures" for many years. Realizing that the Internet had become a major source of destination news, the pair contracted for a (continue)